Saturday, January 9, 2010

Arrival in Calcutta

Our first view of India (Fog or Pollution? - like everthing else, the answer is both)

India's Ministry of Science and Technology

Noida (suburb of New Delhi) - "The Corporate Connection," our hostal

Electric-assist solar pane rickshaw called the "soleckshaw." This is one of the first iterations of the design (picture of a picture from
January 2010 Solar Quarterly issue.)

New Delhi- Dinner at Dr. Sarmah's

Noida - the "family" of team leaders Gwyn and Jess (middle)
with Brooke (R), adam (M, back) , and Tina (L)

Taxi from Kolkata Airport to Uncle Suprio and Auntie Swati's Home

A broken down rickshaw with a small shop built atop it

Mobile Sugar Cane Press

SEED girls meet part of the D-Lab Team

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