Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some pics from today and yesterday.

A fruit we'd not seen before. Uncle Suprio treated us, and T-Whoa evem ate the seed it was so good.

Our first official transport by cycle rickshaw meant we had to split up into two carriages. 3 out of the 4 pictured seem to be living it up.

Brooke's pride and joy shot of the day. Titled 'Peels on Wheels'.

Street food lunch - a bit of chibati (wheat tortillas) and tasty chickpea masala

Hand-pulled rickshaws are said to only exist in calcutta due to strict enforcement of ostrization everywhere else.

Nari Seva Sangha is a local NGO that employs and houses women off the streets, especially those that have been victimized by the prostitution industry. In the picture above one of the women is folding cardboard for paperbags. Other women make hand-woven cloth, botique prints, yarn, cloth prints, and sell all of the products at a small profit. The NGO itself is sustained by donations.

Ravens and sidewalk dwellers work together to pour more street garbage onto an already full truck.

Calcutta has a single subway line that cuts through the city.

Uncle Suprio platonically models the headdress meant to adorn the goddess Saraswati

The International Institute for Social Development, an NGO linked with UN programmes, rickshaw donations, and rural development gifted us with hats and showed us their organic vegetable-dyed cloth made in neighboring villages and sold internationally.

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